At least 3 times (and if you are reading this, you know how wonderful I think you are and therefore, don’t have to prove it) I have suggested to clients that they remove the mention of “Mensa” from their resumes.  There is no need to rub it in that you are more intelligent than your future boss and it could reduce your chances of being hired.  There are incredible amounts of times that I have really argued that clients remove from their summaries “20 years of experience in blah, blah, blah…” Or even 25 years of experience in…   Mention of great numbers of years only proves that you might be lots older than your future boss.  I also suggest that unless you are looking for a job in consulting or are right out of school, you leave off your GRE or GMAT scores. 

Why?  What is important in a resume is not the gifts that God has given you but how you have used them and these are demonstrated in your accomplishments.  You don’t want your future boss to think she is brighter than I am, older than I am, more experienced than I am.  You want FB to dream about what a great job you are going to do and how successful you are going to make FB’s team.  You do this by the accomplishments that you list in your resume in bullet point form.  They have an action verb, are frequently quantified and demonstrate that what you did was good for your employer or customer/client.  For example:

  • Reduced customer service complaints 25%. 
  • Attained 110% of quota in 2008 despite a difficult economy. 
  • Grew Profit... 
  • Grew Revenue...