Changes In My Website and Life

For those who have been to my website or blog before you might notice the difference and that is due to the artistry of my daughter-in-law, Leslie Mac of the Ferguson Response Network.  My website got hacked about three weeks ago.  Leslie designed my new website, chose a new look and put this one up quickly under very tight time constraints.  Changes will be made as we go along but she really got the feel of what I wanted.  I also want to thank my son Drew for what he did technically and that I can’t even describe.

Although a hacked website is not nearly as difficult as losing a job (and I have been laid off three time), there are some similarities.  There is the shock, the need for action and change, need for help from others, the need for a vision for the future and the perspective shift that the new thing might be even better.  Please contact me if I can help you with your job search, not just with the tools but also the confidence to overcome the past and move ahead.