How to Overcome the Stress of Job Transition

A wise client said “being happy is almost as important as having a good resume in job search.”  Certainly easier said than done.  Your feelings, mood, attitude do show through in all aspects of your search.  Your feelings leak and it would be preferable to have ‘happy’ leak or at least a neutral leak.  You make your best decisions when you are at your peak, not when you are upset.

How to overcome the stress of job transition?  One thought is to chart the difficulties you have overcome in the past.  Draw a time line of your life and include in it the good and hardships and remember that you did survive difficulties and you did thrive after them.  What did you do to overcome the difficulties?  Who did you turn to?  What helped you?  Perhaps this job transition will turn out to not be the most difficult time in your life, especially in comparison.

Positive visualizations help some clients.  Visualize what it will be like with the new job and don’t harp on the negative.  Try to visualize your office, the work you will doing.  Victor Frankl used this while in the concentration camp.  He visualized teaching a class with students listening intently.

What can you do to help someone else?  Where can you volunteer?  Can you join a job search group?  Can you help review a friend’s resume?  Can you walk a neighbor’s dog?  What can you do to make someone else’s life easier?

How can you take your mind off your search without taking off too much time or spending too much money?  Are there classes you can/should take? has free classes that can be taken at night.  I have seen resumes with technical skills gained from Coursera on them. 

When I ask clients what they regret the most about the time between jobs, they tell me it is not having some fun during the transition time.  So I do hope that you are doing something to lift your spirits if you are in transition.