Attended an interesting and valuable video meeting at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management on reflection and thought I would share.  Thanks to Paul L Corona, MBA EdD for a great presentation and the information.  The topic was reflection and it can certainly be useful in job search.  He quoted, John Dewey, famous educator, who has said that we learn not from experience but from reflecting from that experience.  In our busy lives we seem to have little time for reflection yet there is a return on investment.  Reflection can be gratitude, journaling, meditation talking with a coachThe speaker listed three professional and three personal questions we can ask ourselves as we make reflection a habit.


1.       Exactly what happened?

2.       What lesson, good or bad should I learn from this?

3.       How do I move on and not linger on what happened whether it was good or bad?


1.       What did I do well?

2.       What can I do better next time?

3.       Who and what am I most grateful for?

Perhaps these will be helpful to you.  At the question and answer time, Paul was asked how to turn off reflection for those who continuously ruminate and his answer might be useful to some of us.  He suggested to analyze the pros and cons of what it costs to constantly reflect and instead build in a periodic reflection instead of continuous reflection. 

I am grateful to Paul and to Kellogg for the opportunity to participate in this valuable webcast and to share.