We are once again in the midst of the Olympics.    I can’t imagine doing any of the routines which is perhaps one reason I am not able to do so.  (However, age and lack of athletic talent might also play a part.)  This topic does tie into job search in that we need to see ourselves as successful.  We humans probably spend more time berating ourselves for mistakes we make than we do in visualizing success. 

Olympic athletes go over their routines not just in practice but also mentally numerous times.  They envision success, not failure.

Of course, to be successful we must have and then practice the necessary skills.  After that we need to get out of our own way, let go of fear and envision success

One way to visualize overall success is to write a letter (does not need to be sent) to someone you admire as if it were one year from today.  The letter recipient can be a friend, fictional character in a book, someone in the past, your future self.  In that letter, outline all the good things that have happened to you during the year and how happy you feel.  Be very specific about the successes and your emotions around this success.  Really feel the power of this. 

To visualize success in interviewing, visualize yourself walking into the interview room, confidently answering questions, asking questions, ending the interview.

Another suggestion is to change your definition of success until you land.  In some events it is announced that a competitor had beaten his/her prior personal best.  I like this as a measurement because everyone can do it, not just those who win medals.  So I suggest to you that you strive to beat your personal best in number of networking calls, resumes sent out, comfort level at interviewing.  If you set the bar at increasing your ability rather than winning the job, you will see yourself as successful, which then, with the right opportunity, your practice and feelings of comfort will end up in your winning the job you want.

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