A reduction in force is difficult on everyone the employee leaving, the remaining staff, and those who have to deliver the news. No company takes a layoff lightly, but the hard decision has been made, and now it’s time to do what is best for everyone. In today’s economy, the decision to use outplacement services needs to be considered carefully, weighing benefit against cost. Even if you have cut back on outplacement services with large providers, you can still offer key employees with services tailored to them. Career Coach Jill provides a Win-Win solution that accomplishes both goals.

Affordability for Your Company

As opposed to large Outplacement Firms who charge a set fee based on all the services they offer, Career Coach Jill allows your firm to pay only for services rendered. Paying for services on an hourly rate basis will prove to be the most affordable way to deliver outplacement. A company’s reputation as an employer is critical to its ability to recruit and retain high-caliber employees. How it treats those employees during times of economic stress can impact how it will be viewed in the marketplace when the economy turns around and staffing again becomes a priority.

Customizable services include:

  • Choose the number of coaching sessions to be provided and a time frame in which they are to be delivered.
  • Pay only for coaching received. If your transitioning employee lands a new position quickly, or chooses not to participate, this will be reflected in your company’s final invoice.
  • Know that you have provided a customized, high-quality service that reflects positively on your organization.


As a coach certified by the International Coach Federation, Jill MacFadyen is able to help your former employees come to terms with their emotions and see a positive future. She has successfully coached well over 700 people on improving their resumes and fine-tuning their interviewing skills. Jill has particular strengths in helping clients make career shifts something in which the large firms do not specialize.

Transitioning employees will receive:

  • A customized program that adjusts to meet needs as they occur.
  • One-on-one consultation, no overbooked seminars, webinars or group phone calls.
  • A dedicated coach with whom he or she can develop a relationship, no revolving doors with multiple coaches to confuse and frustrate someone who is already in a vulnerable state.

Jill is a wonderful business partner in understanding the requirements and needs of sister departments and in suggesting real-world improvements to enhance our staff’s experience and retention. She is very responsive to specialized requests, finding creative ways to deal with challenging HR issues.
— DL, Corporate IT Manager, October 29, 2008

Jill has been my career/life coach since 2005. Under her capable guidance, I was able to view my career and personal lives as part of a holistic perspective, balancing personal with professional needs. She supported my career decisions by helping me define and focus on my priorities and values. Jill is one of the most decent human beings I have ever met. In addition to being very practical and realistic, she has integrity, warmth, kindness, and intelligence.
— MR, August 11, 2009

About Jill MacFadyen

Jill offers the perfect blend of business understanding and sensitivity to the needs of people in transition.

Jill's expertise is derived from:

• Achieving certification from the International Coach Federation.

• 4+ years working as an adjunct Consultant with a premier outplacement agency and privately over a decade with individuals.

• Experience as an outplacement consultant with the Chicago office of a global management consulting firm that has been ranked #1 for 6 consecutive year by

• 20+ years in Human Resource Management.

Jill shaped my work history into an engaging read. She works efficiently, cutting away the dross, while keeping a gentle hand on one’s self esteem. She is a person of depth and integrity, and a great resume-writer and career coach! I strongly recommend her services.
— AH, Maryland, hired Jill as a Career Coach in 2008