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"You can meditate by being 100 percent involved in your work." said Jill MacFadyen, a Chicago-area career coach at and the Kellogg School."

Chicago Tribune - 5/11/2016 - Feeling like you need a new job? Here are 7 warning signs...

"... that a pretty strong sign it's time to leave," said Jill MacFadyen, a Chicago-area career coach at and the Kellogg School."

Potentials Realized - Published 2015 -  Effective Group Coaching

... PCC, CPCC; Lynda Monk, CPCC; Maureen Clarke, CPCC; Deena Kolbert, PCC, ORSCC; Jill MacFadyen, ACC; Heidi Michaels, Rita Weiss, and Marlo Nikkila ... - 5/20/2014 - The biggest job interview mistakes you could possible make

This may seem obvious, but career coach Jill MacFadyen says she once saw a “man [arrive] for the interview with a toddler. He had on a ...

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Career coach Jill MacFadyen points out that winging it by not researching the company or not practicing makes you look disinterested or lazy. - 2/19/2014 - 11 common resume myths busted

One page just isn't enough, unless you are right out of school. — Jill MacFadyen, career and outplacement coach. Myth: Achievements should ...

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"Jill MacFadyen, career coach

Why you need Jill: Most people are at work for at least eight hours a day for at least 30 years. You better love your job. Jill — a former job recruiter — helps people find and snag their dream job. She will also help you with your interview and networking skills, as well as creating a great resume.

Frequency: It depends on your needs. For those who only need help writing a resume, an hour should be fine. But others who want more comprehensive coaching may need a few more hours. Most people meet with Jill once in their lifetime, and they retain the knowledge she offered forever." - 12/21/2011 - How to Fight Interview Stress and Fright

Jill MacFadyen. Also visualize success as athletes do before a performance. Kava Kava. I agree on these. Maybe it would also be good if you ...

Career - Do You Have An Exit Interview Plan?

Jill MacFadyen, career coach, warns that as an employee, you will probably need human resources and prior managers as references for up to ten years.