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Personal *
These questions are related to your PERSONAL readiness to begin your job search.
I have the energy for job search.
I know what type of work I want and this work energizes me.
Resume & Cover Letter *
Resume & Cover Letter
These questions are related to your RESUME readiness.
My resume is polished and showcases my accomplishments. It begins with a summary. It is one or two pages long.
I customize a cover letter for each job opening.
These questions will assess whether or not you are ready to NETWORK as part of your job search.
I spend more time networking than I do on job boards.
I am comfortable networking.
I have a polished 30 second personal commercial/elevator speech. I can deliver it interestingly.
I am involved in informational interviewing.
I have a job search business card.
My one page networking brief/handbill quickly tells the recipient how he/she can help me.
I am 100% complete on LinkedIn.
These questions focus on your INTERVIEWING skills.
I am comfortable in delivering my answer to the 90 second interview question, “So tell me about yourself.”
I can easily answer the interview question, “what are your weaknesses?”
I can comfortably and succinctly explain why I have left each of the jobs on my resume.
I am adept at behavioral/situational interviewing.
Salary Negotiation
Salary Negotiation
I am comfortable negotiating a job offer.